Film & Media Support

We provide the highest quality of service to film and media crews. We connect our media clients with only the most meaningful stories and people in Bangladesh based on their specifications.

Journalism Visa Processing

We orchestrate and co-ordinate the entire process start to finish across to oceans in Bangladesh and client’s country of residence, before the arrival to Bangladesh.

Film Candidate and Scouting Location

We prepare the shortlist of the exact people and the organizations that production teams want to film so that they can make the most of their time in Bangladesh, through research, scouting and sample videos based on our client’s criterion and specifications.

On Ground Logistics

We are fully equipped to provide all the customs logistics needed to support the film productions so that our clients can only focus on what they are in Bangladesh to film .

Some Of Our Services Are

  • Visa processing.
  • On ground logistic support.
  • Book hotels, transport & equipment.
  • Set meetings with experts.
  • Research candidates.
  • Start film scouting process.
  • Follow up with BD embassy.
  • Work with foreign ministry.
  • Mail invitation letter to you.
  • Collect invitation letter from organizations.